FiXT Remixes from March 9th, 2018

We didn’t get just one remix on March 9th, but three. First up is Celldweller’s The Great Divide (Matt Lange Remix), which turns the introspective, melancholy acoustic feeling of the original into a glitchy IDM track. Lange’s refined production abilities, honed from years of work with electronic legends such as BT, releases on Deadmau5’s label imprint, Mau5trap Recordings, composing gaming soundtracks for Counter-Strike: Global Offense and DOTA II, amongst others, are culminated in a breathtaking remix combining simplicity with sensational sound design. The track creates a ghostly atmosphere, haunted by Klayton’s echoing vocals, driven by emotion, smooth bass, and head-bobbing drum fills.

The second song is Raizer’s A.I. (Sebastian Komor Remix). Electronic artist/producer Sebastian Komor reunites with Eastern Europe electronic-rock 4-man project, Raizer, with his edgy remix of “A.I.” Going from producer/mixer to re-mixer, Sebastian Komor takes the track’s cyber-dystopian warning of impending doom and pushes the track into a chilled, yet energetic bass-infused anthem.

We also have Blue Stahli’s Ready Aim Fire (Owl Vision Remix).¬†Sweden’s dark electronic music artist/producer Owl Vision faces off with The Devil in a unique remix of Blue Stahli’s “Ready Aim Fire.” Like an evil snake charmer, Owl Vision ensnares listeners with mesmerizing Arabian melodies and ritualistic beats, pushing the track into a captivating trance-like state.

For all the different options to purchase or listen to these songs, check out the list for each one here, here, and here.

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